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Full-Service Event Production

Show up as a guest and let us take care of the rest. Immerse yourself in our meticulously custom events, from holiday parties and conference receptions to summer festivities, themed dinners, and grand galas.

Every detail, from venue sourcing to entertainment, is expertly managed by us. We specialize in transforming unique spaces into captivating atmospheres, crafting moments for attendees to truly lose themselves in the experience.

Workplace Events

Elevate your workplace atmosphere with our bespoke events and workshops! From in-office to offsite spaces, we curate immersive experiences around food, crafts, entertainment, and games that spark shared passions and foster connections.

Led by our local, expert hosts, dive into an array of activities, from natural dye workshops and tea blending to charcuterie board making, mixology, and pottery. Get ready to lose yourself in the moment!

Virtual Events

Experience the togetherness of hangouts, regardless of your location, with our extensive range of over 60 virtual events! From interactive cooking classes to engaging piano duels and lively virtual game shows, we ensure distance is no barrier to fun. Join us and redefine what online interaction can mean!

Public Concerts

Escape the Routine (ETR) is your passport to unforgettable music experiences in major cities! We were born from a love for community and a passion for creating incredible public concerts.

Join us at an ETR public event and get lost in the moment with your next favorite artist.

Corporate Retreats

Take the stress out of planning corporate retreats and let us inject some fun! We offer a comprehensive, end-to-end planning service thats got everything covered - from scouting the perfect location to creating an engaging agenda, arranging travel, and ensuring flawless on-site execution.

Whether it's a company-wide retreat, an executive offsite, or a sales kick-off, we're all about crafting multi-day experiences that are as seamless as they are memorable.

Marketing Events

Experience a flawless execution of marketing events with us, saving you valuable time and hassle in planning. We collaborate with brands to conjure up out-of-this-world events that create a buzz among your target audience.

From theme ideation, venue sourcing, and custom fabrication, to brand ambassador coordination, we breathe life into your brand's story and values. With a focus on creativity and precision, we create intentional spaces that foster deep connections with your customers and catapult your brand to new heights.

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