JP & Associates REALTORS

After Dark at Inman Conference Vegas

Goal: Create an exclusive experience to build buzz around JP and Associates but more importantly get the undivided attention of top prospects for future JP & Associates franchise owners. Guests will be Agents, Brokers, and Investors looking to learn more about purchasing a franchise from JP & Associates. We want you get facetime with top franchise prospects among the noise and chaos of Inman and Las Vegas.

Event Details: This is a 50 person private party with top notch food from the hotels private chef, cigar and whisky tasting, putting green, and live music all set in a beautiful high end villa minutes away from the conference. This is a pop oasis in the madness of the conference for JP & Associates to treat it’s top prospects, partners, and customers to a slice of Nirvana.

Cost: $30,000

Date: 7/24. Timing TBD.

Venue / Mirage Villa

25min walk from Aria Hotel. We can arrange limo pick ups and escort all guests to the villa from Aria (10min drive).

8,000 sqft space. Private backyard with pool and putting green.

Cigar and Whisky Tasting

We will have a mixologist on site to make craft cocktails and make sure everyone leaves this party learning something new about cigars and whisky.

cigar .jpg
whiskey tasting.jpeg


We will have a private chef and can set this up for a sit down meal or as a buffet style where you grab your plate and make your self comfortable around the Villa.

cooking with fire .jpg