Coveo Dreamforce VIP Happy Hour

Goal: Have a space to host 120 guests on a flow throughout the evening for all Coveo’s customers, partners, and prospects attending Dreamforce.

Time frame: 6:30pm - 9:30pm

Date: TBD

Uno Dos Tacos

This space would be great just with an open bar + open taco bar.

Inside Capacity: 65

Outdoor Capacity: 65

Distance from Moscone: 7 minute walk

Natoma Cabana

Coveo Open Bar Happy Hour paired with a DJ would keep this place buzzing.

Inside capacity - 90

Distance from Moscone - 7 minute walk

111 Minna Gallery

Venue split into two room. Smaller room pictured below can fit 250 people.

This space would go great with an emerging live act and open bar.

Distance from Moscone - 7 minute walk