Coveo After Dark


This venue will be fully transformed with sound and lighting to build out an immersive environment where guests will immediately feel welcomed and encouraged to get hands on with experiences or can choose to simply hang out and enjoy the entertainment, food, drink, and good company.

SF Garage Loft - 8 min walk from Moscone

Experience Stations

Mixology station

Mixology station


This is a fly by experience at the event that allows guests to get behind the bar and learn from experts how to create craft cocktails.

Sushi workshop

Sushi workshop

Sushi Making 101

Stop by this station for your favorite California rolls or hang out for a bit to learn and prep rolls for your fellow guests.


The entertainment for the night will include a hybrid of live performance and a DJ to set the mood. During this three hour event we will have about 1 hour of live performance from Brett Hunter. Brett will be covering classic accessible songs to keep the flow of the evening going and when they are not playing live we will have a DJ spinning to keep a seamless mood throughout the event.

Loft Customer Showcase

The top loft level can be dedicated to showcasing your customers’ success. My vision is we can set up 4 to 6 floating screens that are rotating through customers case studies / use cases in the upstairs. This allows a dedicated lounge space where people can come to sit for a change of pace while stumbling across use cases without the event being an overwhelming sales pitch.