Copper Speakeasy

Time - 8:0pm - 11:00pm

  • Date - Friday 12/6 - 12/12

  • Guest Count - 150

Venue Options

This venue will be fully transformed with sound, lighting, props, and character actors to build out an immersive environment where guests will immediately feel transported back in time and encouraged to get hands on with experiences or can choose to simply hang out and enjoy the entertainment, food, drink, and good company.

SF Mint

Available on Tuesdays and Wednesday or Friday Dec 20th

Private Space (Castro)

The Speakeasy Characters

The speakeasy characters are the hosts of the evening. They set the tone from greeting you, to mixing your craft cocktail, to dealing at the blackjack table, to keeping the swing music going.

Experience Stations

Mixology station

Mixology station


This is a fly by experience at the event that allows guests to get behind the bar and learn from experts how to create craft cocktails.

Casino night

Casino night

Casino night

The evening will be outfitted with blackjack, craps, and roulette dealers. All guests will receive chips upon entry.


Food for the evening will be a selection of self served appetizers.


Tumbledown House is SF’s best modern speakeasy band. We would have them play an hour set in the middle of the event with a DJ and Live Sax player before and after the band to keep the atmosphere going.